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Hickey Awards


The lottery industry continues to grow and achieve new heights with every passing year. Successful marketing is one of the many factors that contribute to this success and the ever-increasing revenues generated for good causes.


Owen Hickey changed the way the lotteries thought about marketing. At a time when the industry existed within a strict government framework, Hickey emphasized the importance of the consumer. His creativity and innovation turned the industry into a marketing renaissance that focused on the client and stressed positive aspects of lotteries.


Hickey gained expertise in marketing lotteries through service with various lottery organizations. He spent 10 years as the Marketing Director of the Pennsylvania Lottery, worked for two years with the Arizona Lottery and served as the Director of the Colorado Lottery for three years. Hickey later worked as an industry consultant for the Missouri, Montana and Iowa lotteries.


In recognition of the many contributions he made to lottery marketing, Hickey Awards are presented annually to lotteries that emulate Hickey’s commitment through successful marketing efforts in the areas of Special Events Promotion, Potpourri Promotion and Best Web Site.

Batchy Awards


The lottery industry has been fortunate to have had many talented and extraordinary people in its ranks. As with any industry, a few individuals have risen to the top and stood out from the rest. One such person was Ralph Batch.


Without his tenacity and leadership, the lottery industry would not be what it is today. Batch made his first mark on our industry when he was appointed to chair a commission studying the feasibility of starting a lottery in New Jersey. His subsequent work with the start-up of that lottery, as well as his efforts to launch the Illinois Lottery and revitalize the Delaware Lottery, helped him to acquire the unofficial title “Dean of State Lottery Directors.”


Batch believed that the lottery industry was worth the investment, and he encouraged the exchange of ideas and information between lottery organizations. In 1971, he went on to become the first president of the National Association of State Lotteries, now known as the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries.


Throughout his distinguished career, Batch was a champion of quality lottery advertising. He believed that such quality would contribute to greater public acceptance of lotteries. The Batchy Awards honor his memory by recognizing lottery advertising that achieves the level of excellence Batch upheld throughout his career.


Multicultural Advertising


This category includes advertising, promotions, and educational programs or campaigns created specifically for the many diverse audiences across different lotteries’ jurisdictions. In order to qualify for this category, the materials need to be culturally relevant and competent, and they must communicate to an audience different than the general market.


Buddy Roogow Innovation Award

Best New Instant and Best New Draw Games


These awards recognize the efforts made to create and communicate the innovative attributes of instant and draw games for increased sales potential. Entries will be judged on the following criteria: innovative aspects of the game; cost/benefit analysis results; strategic analysis and insight; and visual appeal.


Best of the Batch

The Best of the Batch Award honors the advertising campaign voted most outstanding among all submissions.

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